Your connections are displayed as profile bubbles and arrayed in a circle around your profile bubble, which serves as a centerpiece. The profile bubbles don’t show the job title or company name of the participant. However, there is a way to distinguish different types of participants:

  • If a participant is a staff member of an exhibitor, they will have a blue border around their profile image.

  • If a participant is a speaker at one or more live sessions, they will have a red border around their profile image, regardless of whether they are a staff member or not.

  • Participants who are not exhibitor staff members or speakers don’t have a colored border around their profile image.

You have various options at your disposal to customize your view and sort through your connections more easily.

  • You can use the search feature in the upper-left corner to search your connections by name, job title, or company they work for.

  • You can also reset the tab to the default view by clicking the Reset graph button in the upper right corner.

  • You can also sort the connections at the bottom of the page by using the participant type switcher.

  • Clicking on Exhibitors will show you connections who are staff members of one of the exhibitors.

  • Clicking on Attendees will show you connections that are not staff of one of the exhibitors; you will see both by default.

  • You can also zoom in and out by using the zoom slider at the bottom.

Clicking on the profile bubble of a participant doesn’t take you to their profile page. Instead, it opens a pop-up where you can see their work info, enter their profile page, or interact in the following ways:

  • Chat

  • Video Chat

  • Appointment

  • Remove connection

  • Networking

  • Recommend

  • Block

  • Report

  • Remove connection

You can see who your connections are connected to by clicking on the "Load more connections" button that shows up once you hover your cursor over a profile bubble. Additionally, once you’ve loaded more connections from one of your contacts, if you hover over their profile bubble again, you will see bolded lines leading to your connections if they are connected to each other. You can use this button on several of your connections to get a more elaborate network and see how your connections relate to each other. You can then use the Collapse connections button to collapse the connections of particular participants.

Since the discovery graph can get quite elaborate if you have lots of connections and you expand the connections of several participants, there are a few options that can help you navigate and view the graph according to your preference:

  • You can click on white space on the graph and drag the graph around in the direction that you wish to view.

  • In addition to that, you can drag each profile bubble and place it exactly where you want it to be.