The Virtual Café page allows you to visit the various Virtual Cafés that the event has to offer. VIrtual Cafés are dedicated video chat rooms with multiple purposes:

  • discussion rooms devoted to specific topics

  • private cafés, lounges to hang out and chat about various issues.

This gives you a further opportunity to communicate and network with other participants in a more informal setting.

Page layout

The cafés are displayed as tiles in rows of four. You can enter a café by clicking on the respective tile. The tiles themselves show the basic info about the café:

  • The name of the café,

  • whether it is hosted or sponsored by a company,

  • and the time when it’s open.

There are two types of virtual cafés:
Public Virtual Café
Private Virtual Café

Anyone can access Public Cafés; you simply need to click on the tile enter it.

Private Cafés work differently - you must be granted access to be able to enter. This means that on private café tiles, you will also see the "Request Access" button. Once you click on that button, a pop-up will appear where you can write a note to the exhibitor that’s hosting the café. You can then either cancel the request or send it using the appropriate buttons.

If you send the request, the "Request Access" button will change to Request sent, and the exhibitor will receive your request in their backoffice and will either accept or decline your request. If granted, you will then be able to enter that café like the public ones.

Virtual Café layout and options:

Once you enter a Virtual Café, you can begin communicating with other participants. The page is dominated by a text chat where you can engage with all visitors to the virtual café. You have a tile list of individual café video chat rooms that you can enter on the right-hand side. Once you click on a tile, you will enter a moderated Video chat with other participants in that room, and you can then speak with them directly.