The spoga horse @home tab is your starting point. Here you will find an overview of the most important offers like

  • Exhibitors / Products

  • Participants

  • Virtual Café

  • Live-Sessions and Speakers


In the "Exhibitors" section you can scroll horizontally through a curated list of the most important exhibitors. If you click on the tile of one of the exhibitors, the associated tile Exhibitor with detailed information about the exhibiting company or the Showroom will be called up, where you will find an overview of all exhibitors.

On the tile of an exhibiting company you have a number of options for interacting with the company without having to visit the showroom directly. Just click on one of the displayed icons:

  • Request an appointment (with the exhibitor's staff),

  • express interest (in the exhibitor)

  • recommend the exhibitor to another event participant
    recommend the exhibitor or

  • favorite the exhibitor to make it easier to find him again later.


The "Participants" section displays the people that might be of interest to you, and just like the "Exhibitor" section, you can explore it by scrolling horizontally. You can click on a participant’s profile tile to go to their personal profile page and see more details about the participant or go directly to Networking.

You can quickly interact with the profile tile in two ways:

  • share the participant with another event attendee

  • and favorite the profile to find them easily again.

Virtual Café

The Virtual Café section displays the various virtual cafés on offer during the event. You can explore the section by scrolling horizontally and enter the café of your choice by clicking on it directly.

Live Sessions

The Live Sessions section allows you to check out what’s happening on the various stages at that moment in time. You can explore the section by scrolling horizontally and enter the desired session by clicking on it. Alternatively, you can go to the Schedule page to see the detailed program of all live sessions during the event.


The "Speakers" section provides you with an insight into some of the most interesting speakers for live sessions during the events. You can click on their profile tile to go to their personal profile page and see a detailed schedule of their live events and other information about the speaker, such as their company or personal contact info. You can explore this section by scrolling horizontally, or you can check out the Speakers page.

You can also recommend the speaker to other attendees and click the bookmark icon on the profile card to easily find them again later


This section provides you with direct access to the Networking page.