In your "Profile" you can configure the following areas according to your needs:

  • The "Profile", where you introduce yourself.

  • The "General Settings".

  • The hardware under "Audio Video Settings".

Edit profil

Your profile contains basic profile information, such as

  • your name,

  • job title,

  • company and,

  • your profile picture.

If you click on the "Edit profile" button, you can edit your information or add new information.

Personal Area

In the personal area, you can use the drop-down menu to access the connected applications and the information required for them:

  • if you click on "Terms and Conditions", a pop-up window will appear with information on the terms and conditions you have agreed to for using the "Koelnmesse Account".

  • You can also change the password for your Koelnmesse Account from here.

  • In addition, we have created two areas for you, "Trade fair organisation" and "Exhibitor area", from which you can directly access other helpful offers of the trade fair via a direct link.

General Settings

You can define your availability in the "General settings" section. The settings here include:

  1. A list of your blocked contacts: If you click the "Blocked contacts" button, you will see a list of all contacts who you have blocked and who have blocked you using the "Block contact" option. You can click on a contact to display their profile. You can also report participants you have blocked.

  2. The ability to switch networking on or off by clicking the respective button. Networking is enabled by default.
    If this feature is disabled, other participants will no longer be able to see you as a potential contact. You will not be able to search for and network with others either (see also: Networking). You will still be displayed as a team member in your company's showroom, but visitors will not be able to contact you or network with you. In addition to this, you will not be displayed as a buyer or seller and will not be able to search for such contacts in the Leadfinder. You can, however, find participants with whom you are already connected in the Communication Center on the People tab and use all the networking and communication features as usual.

  3. You can also activate the "Do not disturb" option. You will not receive video calls or pop-up notifications if this feature is enabled. Other participants can still send you appointment or contact requests as well as chat messages (see also: Appointments, Networking, Communication).

  4. And you can either have the system detect your time zone automatically or disable this feature. Once automatic detection is disabled, you can set the time zone manually. Changes to this setting will affect the times of your scheduled meetings and appointments.

Audio Video settings

You can select the hardware you want to use for the video chat feature in the audio/video settings. We recommend that you run a system check before signing in. You will find the button at the bottom of the sign-in page.

You can configure three types of hardware:

  • Camera

  • Input devices (microphones)

  • Output devices (headphones, headsets, speakers).

If you only have one device available for each hardware type, then that device will be used automatically. If multiple devices are connected for each of the hardware types, then the device that is recognized by your operating system as the default device will be selected automatically.

Click the corresponding button to display the connected devices. You can now select your preferred device by clicking on it.

Please note that this section will only be active if you have devices that have been properly connected to your computer and you have granted the appropriate permissions in your web browser. Your browser will prompt you allow use of the microphone and camera on your computer when you log in for the first time. You must click on "Allow" to enable the features in this section.

My organization

If you have been added as an employee by an exhibitor, you can access this section in the Communication Center. You will see your company's name and logo at the top of the section. You can click on it to access your company's showroom. This is an easy way to access your showroom any time from any page.

You can use the "Display as" contact option to choose whether you will be displayed as an employee in your company's exhibitor tile. Other participants can use this to contact you directly via the exhibitor tile. If you disable this option, you will not be displayed as an employee on your company's exhibitor tile. However, participants who visit your profile page can still see which company you work for and contact your company directly through your profile page.

The "Showroom readiness" button is also available here. When enabled, you can receive video calls from your showroom visitors if no one else from your company is there. If this option is disabled, you can still enter your company's showroom manually, but you will not receive calls from visitors if the showroom is not occupied.

Log out and collapse communication center

You can sign out using the symbol to the right of your profile picture in the Communication Center's "Settings" section.

The platform version is displayed on the lower edge of the navigation bar. This information can come in handy if you need to report a problem to support.

Below this, on the left edge of the navigation bar, there is an icon with an arrow pointing to the right. Clicking on this symbol collapses the navigation bar.