The Appointment feature allows you to set a date and time for a Video chat with up to 14 other event participants.

The feature is an integral part of the digital event platform experience, and as such, it’s always a few easy clicks away regardless of what page you’re on. Scheduling a meeting is always possible through the Appointment section of the Communication Center.

Various other ways to schedule an appointment are at your disposal as well:

  • via the participant’s personal profile page, by clicking on their profile bubble in the Relevant and Explore my connection tabs in the Networking page,

  • an individual or group Chat.

  • You can even request an appointment with a staff member of an exhibitor via their brand card.

Feature layout and options

Once you click on the "appointment" button, you will have a pop-up window to enter all the necessary info: appointment name, date, start and end time, and timezone. Below that, you have the "People invited" section that shows participants you’ve already included in the appointment request. The participants are displayed with their profile image and name, and you can remove them from the request by clicking on the appropriate button. A search bar allows you to search for additional participants and add them to the meeting request (Note: The participant list and search bar are not available when using the "Request appointment" feature on an exhibitor brand card). Once you’ve set the date and added one or more participants to the appointment, you will see a "Show availability" button.

The "Show availability button" allows you to see the availability of all participants that you’ve added to the appointment, including yourself. The button opens a sidebar that shows an overview of the schedule of all included participants. Participants are displayed with their profile images. If there are more than seven participants in an appointment, they will be shown in multiple sets of participants that you can go through by clicking on the "Next" and "Previous" buttons. The timeslots where a participant is not available will be marked in grey color.

Additionally, you can write a note to the participants that will be shown with the request. Once you’ve entered all relevant info, you can then click on the Send invite button. Alternatively, you can cancel the request by clicking on the appropriate buttons.

Editing and joining an appointment

It’s important to note that only the appointment organizer, i.e., the participant who sent the meeting request, is the only person who can edit the meeting.

Once you’ve sent an appointment request, it will show up in the Confirmed tab of the "Schedule section" in the Communication center.

You can then click on that appointment again to edit it. A pop-up window will show again with a similar layout to when you want to schedule a new appointment. You can change the name of the appointment and the time and date, remove existing, and add more participants to the appointment.

Additionally, the appointment pop-up will show you the following buttons:

  • Clicking on the Join appointment button opens the video chat with the other participant(s) of the appointment.

  • The Chat with participants button opens a chat with the participant(s) in the communication center. The chat is named after the appointment, regardless of whether the appointment is with an "Individual chat " or a "Group chat".

  • Finally, the "Cancel appointment" button allows you to cancel the meeting. Clicking on the "Cancel appointment" button opens a smaller pop-up window that asks you to confirm or abort the appointment cancellation. If you click on "Cancel appointment", you will delete the appointment for all participants.