If you are arriving from a country of the EU and have access to the EU DCC (Digital Covid Certificate), you can link the Covid certificate directly to the trade fair ticket; this will accelerate access control at the entrance to the trade fair.   

Once you have downloaded the trade fair app, you will find your trade fair ticket in your ticket wallet, highlighted in blue. Click the ‘Get Quick Access’ button to link to your Covid certificate (EU DCC): To do this, either scan your QR code or upload a file containing the proof, including the QR code. Verification is performed immediately. If verification is successful, the ticket is highlighted in green. Then, there is no longer any need to present your Covid certificate separately at the trade fair entrance. This is how you can help make admission controls quicker and keep queues as short as possible.   

Our tip: Even if you cannot scan your QR code, usually you can upload a screenshot of your QR code. Alternatively, for instance, you can click your vaccination certificate for the last vaccination in the CovPass app and use this to ‘Create EU printout’, and then upload this.  

Of course you also have the option of presenting your Covid certificate separately at the entrance to the trade fair.