When will exhibitors receive their login details?

What is the deadline for registering as an exhibitor?

Are there standard opening hours on Kind + Jugend @home? How long am I required or expected to have my digital stand in operation?

When can exhibitors begin to upload and view their content?

Is there a test run for exhibitors?

Can I place external links/URLs in my showroom?

Can I also set up my digital stand in 3D?

Can texts on the digital event platform be shown in two languages or is there automatic translation?

As an exhibitor, how can I upload videos?

How many files can I upload to my showroom and is there a maximum file size?

Should I hold live sessions in German or English?

If a product video of around five minutes is played, how much time is left on a product stage to converse with the audience?

What is the latest date for submission of pre-recorded content for ten-minute product stage slots?

As an exhibitor, what advertising options can I use to make trade visitors aware of what I am offering?

How does the top listing work?