The "seller" tab shows you the participants that are offering to sell a product or service. The participants shown here have selected products or services they are offering to sell while creating/editing their profile.

Tab layout and options

The tab contains drop-down menus that allow you to select (the product and service categories) the buyer's country of origin.

Sellers are displayed in list view by default. However, you can also switch to tile view by clicking on the respective button. You also have the option to display only those sellers you favour by clicking on the "Display favourites only" button. Use the "Edit personal profile" button to edit your own profile and optimize it for the Leadfinder feature.

Clicking on one of the sellers will open the seller's profile page with more details. You can add or remove people from your favorites, start a text or video chat, make an appointment, network with the person, or recommend the person to other participants. You can also block or report the person.