The Schedule tab is where you can see and find all the Live-Sessions that will be happening during the event.

Tab layout and options

The basic tile view shows you a selection of various stages and rooms used for these sessions, and you can explore this selection by scrolling horizontally. The schedule is divided into 15-minute time slots. When there is an event in a particular time slot, it will show an event tile in the column below the stage name. The tile offers all the relevant information: the allotted time for the session, the session name, and the session speakers. You can click on the event to enter it, or you can bookmark it to add it to your schedule and find it quickly again.

In the upper left corner of the tab, you have the option to select the date for which to show the schedule. You can filter the view by choosing the stage you want to view the schedule for and the category of session you wish to view. Additionally, in the upper right corner of the tab, you can change the layout of the tab to a list view by clicking on the List view button. The list view shows all live sessions in one list, in chronological order, regardless of stage. You can also see "Only bookmarked live sessions" by clicking on the button, and you have a search feature that allows you to search events via search terms or keywords.