This section of the communication center enables you to see all chats you’ve had so far, as well as start a new text chat with another participant.

Section layout and features

You have a Start new chat button at the top, which you can use to start a new text chat with an individual participant or a new group text chat with several participants.

The already existing chats are listed chronologically, from the latest to the oldest. You can click on a chat to enter it and continue communication with that participant or group. (see more: Chat).

Once someone sends you a message via chat, you will see a number counter above the Chat icon notifying you of how many unread messages you have.

In the section itself, the chats that contain new/unread messages are highlighted with a dot to the left-hand side of the participant’s profile image for visibility.

Start new chat

When you click the Start a new chat button, you can create a new group chat or a new chat with an individual participant. You can start a new chat with an individual participant by searching for them in the Search for people search box.

It’s important to note that the search will not show you participants that have their networking turned off or that have blocked you using the Block feature.

Once you’ve found the desired participant, you can click on them to open a chat. If you’ve found and selected someone you’ve already chatted with previously, that chat will open for you.

You can also start a new group chat using the New group button.

New group

This feature allows you to start a new group chat with up to nine other participants. Clicking the "New group" button shows you the Details and Participants section, as well as the "Start chat" button. The "Details" section allows you to set a name and description for the group chat. The "Participants" section contains a search box where you can search for participants and add them to the group chat.

You can see the participants you’ve already added to the group chat above the search box. You can remove them by hovering above their profile image with your cursor and then clicking on the appropriate icon. Once you have added all the necessary details, you can press the Start chat button to create the chat and start sending messages.