Several notifications are available for networking.

At the top is the "Do not disturb" button. When this function is switched on, you will not receive any video calls or notifications. Other participants can still send you appointment or contact requests as well as chat messages.

There are four different tabs on which notifications are displayed:

  • Request

  • Call

  • Appointment

  • Event

The respective "active" tab is highlighted in colour. Under the tabs you will find your notifications and can react by clicking on the message. You then jump to the respective tab.

Request (tab)

In this tab, you can see all notifications related to connection requests:

  • a participant sent you a connection request

  • a participant accepted your connection request.

Call (tab)

In this tab, you can see notifications for missed video chats. The notification will tell you which participant tried to reach you, and you will be able to start a video chat with them by clicking on the notification.

Appointment (tab)

In this tab, you can see all notifications related to appointments:

  • ̇when someone sends you an appointment request

  • when someone accepts or declines your appointment request

  • when the appointment organizer removes you from an appointment

  • when the time or date of an appointment is changed, or an appointment is canceled.

Event (tab)

The event tab is where you can see notifications sent to you by the event organizer. The event organizer can use this feature to notify you of special sessions, keynotes, or essential information, so keeping an eye out for this tab is always a good idea.