Why do I have to register again to get a gamescom exhibitor pass? Now I’m supposed to download a ticketing app as well, and I can’t even find it in Google Play / the App Store. Why aren’t the tickets simply sent as PDFs, like they used to be?

How much are the tickets for gamescom 2022?

When can I buy tickets?

Will there be (paid) digital tickets or will all content be freely accessible?

What is the situation with the wild cards?

What is about the winners of Wild Card 2020?

Who is eligible for the family ticket? 

Is there a minimum age to enter the fairgrounds?

How many exhibitor and construction passes will I get free of charge?

Where can I order more ticket codes for exhibitor and construction passes?

How can I order codes for visitor tickets for the event?

Can I use the exhibitor pass to travel free of charge on public transport within the Rhein-Sieg Transport Authority (VRS) network?

Does the gamescom ticket include tickets for public transport, as in previous years?