What exactly is Anuga @home?

Anuga @home is a digital extension of Anuga in Cologne. This digital event platform is a place for the global food industry to showcase products and services in just the right way through the use of newly developed formats and creative online solutions. It also offers all of the benefits of a conventional trade fair:

  • In addition to arranging meetings and networking with key decision-makers, you can get up to speed on the latest trends and achieve an unprecedented level of digital exposure.

  • The new digital channel will be used to present current trends and product innovations.

  • This platform is a place where the global food industry can meet to showcase its creative diversity online as well.

Why do we need a digital Anuga?

We have created an additional digital platform for Anuga with our Anuga @home offering so that all global food industry players can again take part in this year’s Anuga. This means that you can still benefit from great exposure in spite of coronavirus-requirements and possible travel restrictions.